Diary and Itenerary

I hope this will be helpful for customers and friends to check where I'm likely to be at any given time. The default location is Oxford (communication details on home page).

May 2020 
17th  Booking for return to the UK. No guarantees 
January 2020 
19th - 06th February  Uppsala and Oxford 
November 2019 
11th  Two months in Chiang Rai 
05th - 10th  EBHC meeting Taormina (TBC) 
September 2019 
15th - 30th  Oxford 
08th - 15th  Erice meeting 
July 2019 
15th - 17th  EBM in Oxford 
11th - 06th September  Oxford 
03rd - 10th  Chiang Rai 
May 2019 
27th - 03rd July  Oxford 
13th - 24th  Trip to Sweden 
01st - 17th  Oxford 
January 2019 
01st - 08th  Beach holiday in Rayong 
December 2018 
15th  Home in Chiang Rai 
November 2018 
23rd - 14th December  Oxford 
09th - 15th  Geneva for conference 
October 2018 
03rd  Return to Thailand 
September 2018 
02nd - 06th  FIP meeting, Glasgow 
August 2018 
10th  Civil Partnership ceremony 
July 2018 
05th  Fly Gatwick to Chiang Rai via Stockholm, Vienna, BKK 
June 2018 
19th - 21st  Evidence Live Oxford 
06th  Fly Gothenburg to Gatwick 
May 2018 
14th  Fly to Stockholm via Frankfurt 
April 2018 
25th  Back to Thailand 
19th  Back to Oxford 
16th - 19th  Train to Venice 
13th  Memorial conference for Giampaolo Velo 
12th - 16th  Fly to Verona 
07th - 08th  Gainford by train (via Darlington) 
02nd  Fly to UK 
01st  Fly to Bangkok 
December 2017 
19th - 05th February  Likely time in Oxford with trip to Sweden 
September 2017 
09th - 31st October  Likely time in Europe 
May 2017 
22nd - 04th July  Oxford 
April 2017 
29th - 22nd May  Sweden 
January 2017 
08th - 31st  Oxford/Sweden 
December 2016 
19th - 07th January  Oxford (confirmed) 
October 2016 
22nd - 30th  Uppsala 
09th  Return to Thailand 
01st  Return to Sweden 
September 2016 
25th - 29th  Erice, Sicily 
14th - 25th  Oxford 
August 2016 
19th - 14th September  Sweden and Heidelburg conference 
June 2016 
14th - 30th  Oxford and Evidence Live Conference 
May 2016 
11th - 05th June  Sweden/UMC 
01st - 10th  Oxford possibly 
April 2016 
10th - 17th  Teaching in Eritrea 
November 2015 
23rd - 13th December  Holiday South Africa 
07th  Return to Thailand 
03rd - 06th  WHO meeting Delhi 
October 2015 
27th - 30th  ISoP meeting Prague 
09th  Sweden 
August 2015 
31st  Oxford 
03rd - 07th  Rangsit Pharmacists teaching 
June 2015 
17th  Back to Thailand 
01st - 17th  Oxford 
May 2015 
02nd - 01st June  Sweden 
March 2015 
30th - 02nd May  Oxford 
05th - 11th  Ghana 
February 2015 
08th  Back to Thailand 
January 2015 
25th - 08th February  Sweden 
20th  My 70th birthday 
December 2014 
03rd - 25th January  Oxford 
November 2014 
04th - 15th  SE Asia holiday with Roy 
October 2014 
17th - 22nd  ISoP meeting, Tianjin, China 
September 2014 
12th - 29th  Sweden, work and holiday 
August 2014 
02nd - 12th September  In residence in Oxford 
July 2014 
04th - 09th  Phuket holiday with Bui 
May 2014 
01st - 01st June  Sweden, UMC trg course and holiday 
April 2014 
21st - 01st May  Oxford, UK 
10th - 21st  Sweden, work and holiday 
March 2014 
24th - 28th  Teaching at Rangsit Faculty of Pharmacy 
January 2014 
20th - 23rd  Bangkok 
December 2013 
22nd - 20th January  UK for Xmas and Sweden 
19th - 22nd  Visitors from Bangkok 
November 2013 
25th - 08th December  Conference and meetings in Accra TBC 
October 2013 
23rd - 27th  Rangsit University pharmacy teaching 
17th  Chris Swain and family visiting 
September 2013 
16th - 29th  Oxford and UK travel 
August 2013 
28th - 16th September  Sweden 
07th - 14th  Phuket and Bangkok 
May 2013 
14th - 25th June  UMC annual course and holiday in Sweden 
April 2013 
29th - 04th May  Annual week's teaching at Rangsit University 
March 2013 
06th - 15th April  Trip to Sweden (until 23/3) and UK 
November 2012 
11th - 14th  WHO annual meeting, Brazil (probably not going thhis year) 
September 2012 
09th - 30th  Annual UMC staff meeting; training 
04th - 07th  European Assocn for Comms in healthcare conference; St Andrews, Scotland 
August 2012 
19th - 09th September  UK trip including conference in Scotland 
July 2012 
08th - 18th  Training in Ghana 
June 2012 
28th - 09th July  Phuket/Bangkok holiday with Roy 
May 2012 
13th - 11th June  UMC annual training course 
07th - 13th  UK trip, including Oxford 
April 2012 
23rd - 27th  Teaching at Faculty of Pharmacy, Rangsit University 
February 2012 
20th - 05th March  Accra communications training 
December 2011 
27th - 15th January  Possible UK holiday with brother and family 
15th - 21st  Thai beach holiday with Rafe and Marie 
October 2011 
30th - 03rd November  WHO annual meeting, Dubrovnik 
25th - 28th  ISoP conference, Istanbul 
08th - 15th  Training for UMC-A in Accra 
September 2011 
17th - 08th October  Sweden and London prior to Accra; not returning home until about 9 November 
05th - 10th  FIP conference, Hyderabad 
August 2011 
06th - 13th  Possible Healthcare Communications Conference in Atlanta, Georgia 
July 2011 
16th - 27th  Phuket holiday with Roy 
April 2011 
27th - 20th May  UMC Training Course, Uppsala 
March 2011 
21st - 25th  3rd year undergraduate pharmacists teaching at Rangsit University 
February 2011 
19th - 14th March  Trip to UK (first) and Uppsala 
03rd - 05th  The Queen of Verona and Consort visiting 
December 2010 
18th - 16th January  UK trip (holiday) 
13th - 16th  Abu Dhabi, Dept of Health, meeting 
October 2010 
24th - 12th November  Accra, Ghana, ISoP and WHO meetings 
September 2010 
16th - 07th October  Trip to Sweden (until 30/9) and UK 
August 2010 
07th - 11th  5th year teaching at Rangsit University 
June 2010 
29th - 30th  Thai FDA annual meeting in BKK 
April 2010 
24th - 08th May  Roy visiting (incls Ko Samui from 28 Apr) 
03rd - 09th  Tony and Maire Kennan visiting 
March 2010 
22nd - 26th  Teaching at Rangsit University 
February 2010 
19th - 16th March  Trip to Sweden and UK (from 10 Mar) 
January 2010 
14th - 15th  PV training activities in BKK with R & M 
04th - 15th  Rafe and Marie in Thailand 
December 2009 
21st - 28th  Holiday in Phuket with Pravich 
06th - 10th  Trip to Phnom Penh for MOH meeting 
November 2009 
18th - 28th  Society of PV India meeting, training and trips 
12th - 16th  Meetings in Cambodia (postponed to Dec) 
01st - 05th  WHO Programme Annual Meeting, Rabat, Morocco 
October 2009 
06th - 09th  Intl. Soc. of Pharmacovigilance Annual Meeting, Reims, France 
September 2009 
13th - 05th October  UMC Planning meeting and holiday in Sweden 
August 2009 
09th - 17th  Visit to UK 
July 2009 
30th - 09th August  Commonwealth Pharmacy Association meeting, Accra, Ghana 
13th  Civil court hearing Chiang Rai 
June 2009 
26th - 07th July  Visit to Verona and meeting in Erice, Sicily 
May 2009 
20th - 13th June  UMC training course Uppsala (includes holiday) 
11th - 15th  Comms skills teaching at Faculty of Pharmacy, Rangsit University 
April 2009 
16th  Publication day for my book: Healthcare Communication 
March 2009 
16th - 22nd  Conference, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China 
February 2009 
27th  First hearing of criminal case against Chai's sister 
03rd - 25th  Trip to Sweden 
02nd  Next civil court hearing 
January 2009 
28th - 31st  The Queen of Verona and consort arrive in Chiang Rai 
December 2008 
23rd - 29th  Holiday on Koh Samui 
11th - 16th  Postponed trip to India 
November 2008 
27th - 30th  Delhi for one day's teaching 
September 2008 
15th - 29th October  Holiday and Uppsala, for annual meeting of WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring and 30th anniversary of UMC 
02nd - 11th  Western Pacific pharmacovigilance course Manila 
August 2008 
13th - 22nd  To Bangkok for Bui's graduation & on to Koh Samui for five nights 
July 2008 
31st - 02nd August  Chiang Mai for legal consultations 
May 2008 
20th - 22nd June  Travels to London, Sweden and Ghana 
April 2008 
21st - 25th  Teaching communication skills at Rangsit University, Faculty of Pharmacy 
March 2008 
17th - 16th April  Likely trip to UK and Sweden 
December 2007 
26th - 14th January  New Year in Utmyrby, Sweden 
November 2007 
30th - 02nd December  Teaching communications skills on pharmacovigilance certificate course, New Delhi 
16th - 24th  Making presentations in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu at pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance meetings 
September 2007 
25th - 16th October  Working in Sweden and Annual WHO meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina 
06th - 10th  Teaching at Thammasat University: seminar on skills for job application to 4th year Engineering Faculty students 
August 2007 
06th - 16th  Speaking at International Pharmacy Students Federation World Congress Taiwan (TBC) 
June 2007 
28th - 08th July  WHO training course in Accra, Ghana 
April 2007 
28th - 03rd June  Few days in UK followed by working and holiday trip to Sweden 
February 2007 
21st - 24th  Giulia and Giampaolo Velo visiting 
December 2006 
14th - 04th January  Work and holiday in Sweden 
October 2006 
31st - 14th November  Iain and Jenny (brother and sister-in-law) visiting 
28th - 30th  Ken Hartigan Go in Thailand 
18th - 21st  European Soc of Clinical Pharmacy Meeting. Vienna 
09th - 11th  Annual WHO Meeting, Liege, Belgium 
02nd - 07th  UMC Planning Meeting, Uppsala, Sweden 
September 2006 
26th  Meetings in Shanghai and Jiangxi Province 
25th - 30th  Meetings in Shanghai and Jiangxi province 
July 2006 
27th - 31st August  Possible holiday in UK and/or Sweden (both of us) TBC 
11th - 16th  Ian Goode and family visiting 
June 2006 
26th - 06th July  Visit to Erice (Sicily) and Verona (Patient Safety) 
May 2006 
28th - 03rd June  Teaching at Rangsit University 
April 2006 
26th - 28th  Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference, London 
March 2006 
26th - 31st  Teaching at Ateneo University, Manila 
08th - 09th  Thai FDA workshop in Bangkok 
February 2006 
07th - 28th  Uppsala and Wappa (Sweden) 
October 2005 
20th - 27th  Shanghai: East China International Conference on drug safety 
15th - 20th  Int Soc of Pharmacovigilance meeting, Manila 
03rd - 09th  UMC Annual Planning Meeting Uppsala 
September 2005 
26th - 30th  WHO Annual Meeting Geneva 
24th - 26th  Jon and Malin's wedding Stockholm 
01st - 06th  65th FIP Congress, Cairo (provisional) 
August 2005 
19th - 21st  Nephew's wedding, South Wales 
01st - 31st  Holiday in UK and Sweden (provisonal) 
July 2005 
16th - 23rd  Jon Edwards visiting 
May 2005 
20th - 10th June  Uppsala Training Course and Mgmt Development training (Sweden) 
April 2005 
21st - 02nd May  Uppsala (UMC) and Wappa 
18th - 21st  London (provisional) 
13th - 19th  Visit from Australian friend, Michael 
06th - 11th  A brief holiday in Phuket 
March 2005 
12th - 22nd  Addis Ababa (Media training) 
February 2005 
15th - 20th  Verona (postponed) 
03rd - 15th  Visit to Uppsala (postponed) 
December 2004 
23rd - 03rd January  Phuket 
November 2004 
19th - 23rd  Shanghai Institute of Pharmacology Conference 
06th - 20th  WHO training course, Canberra, Australia 
October 2004 
11th - 18th  UMC Planning Week, Uppsala, Sweden 
06th - 10th  Stop-over in London 
02nd - 06th  WHO annual meeting, Dublin 
September 2004 
23rd - 25th  [Possible] Journal of Postgraduate Medicine Conference, Mumbai 
01st - 13th  HIV/AIDS conference in Pretoria, S A 
July 2004 
24th - 15th August  Sweden and sailing on the Baltic (maybe UK also) 
June 2004 
28th - 07th July  Trip to Bangkok and Phuket 
May 2004 
28th - 09th June  Visit to Sweden; Uppsala and Wappa 
04th - 14th  Trip to Phuket and the south 
February 2004 
16th - 01st March  Trip to UK and Sweden 
December 2003 
12th - 14th  Drug safety Workshop, Mysore, India 
05th - 11th  Drug Safety Workshop, Mumbai, WHO Annual Meeting, Delhi 
November 2003 
19th - 26th  London for the last EQUUS AGM 
September 2003 
24th - 06th October  Working trip to Uppsala 
July 2003 
24th - 15th August  Visit to UK, confirmed (Chai has visa) 
May 2003 
09th - 12th  In London 
March 2003 
17th - 21st  Peter McGrady visiting from UK 
February 2003 
07th - 12th  Time in London 
December 2002 
21st - 02nd January  Phuket 
12th  My friend Virendra's wedding in Sawai Madhopur, India 
November 2002 
01st - 10th  Training Cse, Canberra 
October 2002 
12th - 20th  Meetings, Amsterdam 
July 2002 
11th - 15th  Conference, Monte Carlo