2015-04-17 Out of Bounds

Dear Friends

FIRST: those of you who so kindly visit my website from time to time will be aware that we have had serious problems this year. Things are returning to normal (I have posted new diary entries) but I am still not able to upload new photos. Iím hoping weíll have this sorted out soon and that everything will work smoothly. Itís all been very complex and I am relying on my old friend Jon Edwards (who designed the original site), but he has a full-time job and a young family and itís not going as fast as we both had hoped.

SECOND: I now have copies of the printed editions of Out of Bounds. They will soon be on Amazon, along with the Kindle and POD versions (available now). The paperback and hardback are available from me now or (soon) from Amazon. The paperback is £14.50 and the (lovely) hardback, £27.50 (both plus p&p). Itís 433 pages, in colour throughout with a couple of hundred photos.

Any ideas for sales or marketing you may have will be very warmly received. The production costs were about twice the selling price (because of the short 500-copy run), so Iím keen to try and sell a few!

Iím basking in springtime sunshine on Oxford at the moment and very happy to be back by the river and accessible to UK friends.

Warmest greetings and good wishes.